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City Council Candidate Questionaire Responses


Andrew J. Lewis

Do you believe that programs like P-Patch, which add to the quality of life and environment of Seattle and should be encouraged by the City to nourish?


If elected how you will support the P-Patch community gardening program?

First, we need a strategy to address capacity to make sure that as our city grows, the P-Patch program grows as well. We should add P-Patch space to all new public buildings, and seek development agreements with private developers to incorporate publicly accessible P-Patches into new commercial and residential projects. As an Uptown resident, I have many friends with P-Patch plots located in the UpGarden site on top of the Mercer Garage. P-Patches can fit into many spaces, some of them unexpected. Together, we can creatively make more space for P-Patches if we are intentional about it.

Second, we need to secure more funding for P-Patch maintenance and expansion. I support looking at using some of the surplus Soda Tax money by building a nexus between the expansion of P-Patches and the amount of surplus produce our P-Patches donate to local foodbanks. I also support finding the resources to make sure our P-Patches don't have to over rely on donating their own tools and equipment, and funding and maintaining their own restrooms.

Would you support a study of the public and private needs of the P-Patch Program including addressing the future displacement of P-Patches due to development? 

Would you support allocating resources to implement recommendations?



What would you do to resolve the immediate threat to Ballard P-Patch?

Acquire the private half-acre plot through imminent domain to maintain the entire P-Patch. Out of a $1.4 billion general fund we can come up with the money to make sure this P-Patch, which has operated at this location for decades, remains a part of the community.

Do you support requiring the Park District to pass administration of P-Patch Rejuvenation Funds to the Department of Neighborhoods and the P-Patch Program? 


Do you support continuing to house the P-Patch community gardening program in the Department of Neighborhoods, which values community building and requires community participation in decisions that affect the P-Patch?


District 3. Do you agree that resources and city-owned land near the Republican and Immaculate P-Patches should be made available to save those P-Patches when they are displaced by development? 


District 4.  Do you agree that resources and city-owned land near Shiga’s garden P-Patch in the University District should be made available to save that P-Patch when it is displaced by development?


District 6.  Do you agree that the city should financially support Ballard P-Patch gardeners in their quest to raise 1.8 million dollars by year end 2020 to save the Ballard P-Patch from development into four luxury homes? 


District 7.  Do you agree that city-owned land near the UpGarden, currently on top of Mercer Garage, should be made available to save the UpGarden when it is displaced by either redevelopment or parking needs at Mercer Garage?



Send me a link and I will personally donate to the save the Ballard P-Patch fund. I will also fight for a City match to this fund to acquire the property so we aren't putting the whole burden on the P-Patch community to acquire it.

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