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City Council Candidate Questionaire Responses


Egan Orion

Do you believe that programs like P-Patch, which add to the quality of life and environment of Seattle and should be encouraged by the City to nourish?


If elected how you will support the P-Patch community gardening program?

P-Patches are an important resource for creating accessible and equitable gardening spaces, developing sustainable food sources, and fostering local community. We need to be proactive in our efforts to protect these spaces against the threat of development or displacement. On City Council, I will work to enshrine these green spaces in our neighborhoods and will coordinate with members of the P-Patch community and city staff to address challenges facing P-Patches in District 3 and across the city. We need to take real steps to protect these restorative spaces, and I’m willing to listen to new ideas and collaborate to make that possible.

Would you support a study of the public and private needs of the P-Patch Program including addressing the future displacement of P-Patches due to development? 

Would you support allocating resources to implement recommendations?



What would you do to resolve the immediate threat to Ballard P-Patch?

In other parts of the city, such as Hillside Park, Seattle has been granted or purchased parkland where they were able to reserve spaces for parks, seating areas, and designated P-Patch spaces. We could do the same with the Ballard P-Patch by using the money we make from selling city land (like the Mercer Mega-Block) and reinvesting it into our threatened P-Patches. We should also consider grants and other financial mechanisms to support the Ballard P-Patch, or if all else fails, find an alternate site or sites for the P-Patch. I will work alongside District 6’s future Councilmember and community members to find a way forward, to preserve this great community asset and preserve and protect Seattle’s P-Patches.

Do you support requiring the Park District to pass administration of P-Patch Rejuvenation Funds to the Department of Neighborhoods and the P-Patch Program? 


Do you support continuing to house the P-Patch community gardening program in the Department of Neighborhoods, which values community building and requires community participation in decisions that affect the P-Patch?


District 3. Do you agree that resources and city-owned land near the Republican and Immaculate P-Patches should be made available to save those P-Patches when they are displaced by development? 


District 4.  Do you agree that resources and city-owned land near Shiga’s garden P-Patch in the University District should be made available to save that P-Patch when it is displaced by development?

District 6.  Do you agree that the city should financially support Ballard P-Patch gardeners in their quest to raise 1.8 million dollars by year end 2020 to save the Ballard P-Patch from development into four luxury homes? 

District 7.  Do you agree that city-owned land near the UpGarden, currently on top of Mercer Garage, should be made available to save the UpGarden when it is displaced by either redevelopment or parking needs at Mercer Garage?


P-Patches are a unique and critical part of Seattle’s landscape. I will work with stakeholders to prevent their displacement and fight for permanent solutions that sustain and grow our urban green spaces.

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