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There are many ways to support community gardening and gardeners

GROW warmly accepts volunteers to help make our projects,

and each community garden, a success!

Work in a Garden - help out with a food bank garden, companion garden with a handicapped or senior citizen gardener, support children and youth in the garden, and much more! Let us know what you are good at or what you would like to learn, and what area you live in. Send a message to

Marketing - The annual fundraising event can use your marketing skills to help grow this annual event that benefits GROW. Each year, marketing volunteers help generate publicity to make the evening a success. Contact

Development Coordinator - We're seeking volunteers with successful experience in fund-raising, including grant applications. Contact 


Interested in establishing a community garden in your neighborhood, to help address the shortage of gardening space in Seattle? Contact to talk with someone experienced in the process.

Want to locate a community garden or apply for a plot? Click here to jump to that information.

Apply to P-Patch program
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