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Grange Insurance representatives impressed by vibrant P-Patches

On a splendid late-summer day, GROW Board members Alice Burgess, Michael McNutt and Joyce Moty took representatives of the Grange Insurance Association, a new supporter of GROW, to visit three P-Patches near their Belltown corporate office. Grange is a century-old regional insurance company specializing in personal service for home and business products; in donating to GROW, it affirms its agriculture roots and its commitment to community.

Local Grange Insurance employees selected GROW as an organization for their charitable giving because they were drawn to helping GROW promote agriculture in the city, community focus, and the P-Patch emphasis on giving back. Employees on the tour were already familiar with P-Patches, but enjoyed the diversity of Belltown, Horiuchi Park and Eastlake. They said they especially appreciated the warm welcome by Bob Morris at Belltown and Barb Donnette and Mary Jones at Eastlake, and hope to develop volunteer connections between their employees and P-Patch gardeners. We know they will be welcomed if they participate in work parties and gatherings.

Thanks to Grange Insurance for its generosity and community spirit!

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