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Ballard Sprouts gives to Seattle's Giving Garden Network

This years' challenges have inspired gardeners to grow food for their neighbors and give back to their community. We'd like to highlight the Ballard Sprouts project for their immense contribution to Seattle gardeners.

First started in 2012, volunteer gardeners plant vegetable seeds, transplant the sprouts and provide Seattle Giving Gardens with vegetable starts. (Seattle Giving Gardens are dedicated plots in P-Patch gardens where food is grown and donated to food banks, meal programs and shelters.) This season Ballard Sprout project grew more than 23,500 starts for 45 Giving Garden programs. (Yes- you read that number correct!) They distributed 8,000 donated seed packets to giving garden programs, Northwest Harvest, food bank clients, and to City of Seattle’s low-income gardeners. Additionally, they provided reimbursement to 5 gardens for maintenance, repair and replacement.

Thank you Ballard Sprouts for your hard work this year! To learn more about Seattle's Giving Garden Network visit


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